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Meet the New DC DMV Director

Each day, employees at the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) interact with 3,000 customers on average. Gabriel Robinson, who was recently named the new DC DMV Director, is responsible for overseeing the issuing of driver licenses and identification cards, registering and inspecting of vehicles, and processing of tickets. In addition, he works with DMV employees to raise awareness about organ, eye and tissue donation and to increase donor registrants.

How do you view the role the DC DMV plays in organ donation and saving lives?
The mission of the DC DMV is to promote the safe operation of motor vehicles and public safety while providing outstanding customer service. This mission aligns perfectly with the administration of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s commitment to make the District a better place to live and work. The DC DMV has a unique opportunity to increase organ, eye and tissue donations by making it seamless for the public to register as donors and by generating awareness about the crucial need for organ donations. My team interacts with a broad population and this offers them numerous opportunities to educate District residents about registering to be a donor, as well as other life-saving initiatives, like the dangers of drunk driving and proper use of child car safety seats.

How do you motivate your team to ensure they’re asking the donation question in the most effective manner?
I meet with my team regularly and reiterate why donation registrations are such an important cause for our agency to support. DC DMV works very closely with WRTC, and I credit my team for fostering a partnership with WRTC that has been truly effective in saving lives. I realize people are dying every day because the organ they need is not donated in time, and I that is why my team is committed to registering donors so we can ultimately save more lives.

Do you have any goals or metrics you are hoping the DMVs will achieve in registering more donors?
Tracking organ donor registrations is one of our Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Based on our latest KPI, we successfully registered potential donors through 41 percent of the transactions at our DMV service centers. My goal is to incrementally move this number to 50 percent and higher during my tenure as the agency’s Director.

What does the partnership with WRTC and Donate Life DC mean to you and your staff?
The partnership with WRTC and Donate Life DC has been very special for the entire team at DC DMV. It’s incredibly meaningful when you can leverage your agency’s resources to support an initiative that can save so many lives in the District. We know many people who benefit from organ transplant programs are residents of the District of Columbia. Recently, the DC DMV collaborated with WRTC and Donate Life to offer DC residents a specialty Donate Life vehicle tag (license plate). The tags serve to raise awareness about organ, eye and tissue donation through its unique message and eye-catching design.

What is the greatest challenge for the DMV in terms of registering donors?
There are so many myths that exist in the public about what it means to be an organ donor and under what circumstances your organs can be donated. This has presented an opportunity for me to educate my team and help them become “myth busters.” To the extent my team can answer questions about what it means to be a donor, we can help educate the public and correct misconceptions.

Is there anything else you want members of the donation and transplantation community to know about you and your work?
The entire team at the DC DMV is dedicated to the cause of donation and transplantation. My vision is to increase the public’s participation in organ donor programs and grow partnerships at DC DMV with organizations like Donate Life DC. If my team and I are successful in the implementation of this vision, DC DMV will establish a benchmark that other jurisdictions can follow when strategically planning their own donation outreach programs.


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