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YES! I wish to donate my organs, eyes, and tissues to save or enhance someone’s life.

If you would like to be a donor, but DO NOT live in the District of Columbia, visit to learn how to register in your home state. Before you sign up please take a few minutes to make sure you understand what it means to be on the Washington, D.C. Donate Life donor registry: Becoming an organ, eye, and tissue donor truly shares life with others. By putting your name on the Washington, D.C. Donate Life Organ Eye, and Tissue Donor Registry, you agree to donate your organs, eyes and tissues, to be recovered after your death, for use in transplantation, research, therapy and education. After your death, an examination and tests will be performed to determine the best medical uses for your gift. The law protects your choice. Unless you change your mind and remove your name from the Registry (which you may do from the Update your Info button) your wish to donate will be honored and no one else, including your family, will be able to change your decision. How does donation help save and enhance lives?
  • Organs used for life-saving transplants include heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, and small bowel.
  • Tissues used to save or enhance life include eyes/corneas, heart valves, bones, and skin grafts.
  • Research uses of organs and tissues can include studies on curing diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other life-altering or fatal diseases.
  • Therapeutic uses of organs and tissues can include the development of pharmaceuticals to control the effects of various diseases such as HIV/AIDS.
  • Organs and tissues that cannot be used for transplantation, research or therapy can be used for educational purposes to advance scientific and medical knowledge.

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All information submitted will be used only for official Registry business and will be kept completely confidential. We will not share, sell or otherwise compromise this information. For more information, please read our Security and Privacy Policy. If you are between 13 and 17 years old, you can join the Washington, D.C. Donate Life registry to indicate your wishes, but your parents will make the final decision about organ and tissue donation at the appropriate time. When you turn 18 your choice to be a donor becomes a legal decision. Start Registration
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